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We pride ourselves on offering scuba training that focusses on the individual diver, providing a high quality enjoyable experience from the very first breath underwater until you complete your Divemaster Course. We hope that the value of smaller classes and personalised attention with a focus on safety and stress free learning will both encourage the nervous student to relax and enjoy their training while allowing students with greater water skills to proceed at a pace suitable to their abilities.

Our goal in each course is to ensure that each student can not only perform each skill, but they themselves must also feel confident that they can complete that skill in any situation and under any conditions. To provide our students with an opportunity to develop their skills to the point that they become subconsciuosly proficient, we limit the number of students per confined water training session to a maximum of 6 students. We also ensure that there are always at least two professionals in the water with our students at all times, that is at least 1 dive master in the water in addition to the instructor. The greater staff comploiment allows each student to develop at their own pace and not just complete the required skills once before being thrust into the Open Water environment in the minimum possible time. In addition, we further reduce the student to instructor relationship to 4 per instructor for all Open Water Qualifying dives. This reduction allows our students to receive a more personalised experience, reduces teh amount of time spent demonstrating skills underwater and so allows for more time to actually dive and experience the under water world.

We hope that you join us exploring the many fantastic sites the Under Water World has to offer.

Learn to Dive - Open Water Training

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