Advanced and Adventures in Diving Courses


Ready to extend you dive experience and qualify to go 30m?

It’s time to complete your Advanced Course!

Join us to increase your diving experience and diving knowledge through the Adventures in Diving Course and achieve you Advanced Qualification. You can select your method of study using self-study programmes, lectures or even an online study option. You will need to complete a minimum of 5 Open Water Qualifying dives to achieve your certification.

We provide these training courses both inland and at the coast and suggest completing your course at a combination of these two venues so that you increase your experience levels by diving under different conditions and circumstances. Inland Training allows you to take advantage of the current free and calmer waters found inland for some of your training and then progress to the coast to take advantage of the many other diving situations offered in the ocean.

We have a number of options to achieve the Advanced Certification as outlined below:

1.    1. Plan D Scuba Executive Advanced Course: R4995.00 / Set Special: R10995.00

2.    2. Plan D Scuba Ultimatel Advanced Course: R4495.00

3.    3. Plan D Scuba Budget Advanced Course: R3195.00

5.    Pay as You Go!: R1200.00 Initiation Fee and R350.00 per Adventure Dive

 To participate in this programme, you must hold a minimum rating of Open Water or Junior Open Water and be over 10 years of age (Adventure Divers Only) and in good health. Divers start the programme with a brief introductory lecture and video. This can take place at the chosen dive site or some time before in the classroom. It is essential that you bring a completed copy of the medical questionnaire, with your clearance to dive signed by your doctor if necessary, to the first training session. Copies of the required questionnaire will be handed out during the first lecture or can be e-mailed to you prior to the lecture should that prove more convenient. You will also require a copy of the Adventures in Diving Manual which is provided to all our student divers as part of their course materials during the first lecture. The Adventures in Diving Manual details the various topics that can be studied as part of the Adventures in Diving programme. Each student selects 3 of these topics (based on the guidance of their instructor, the environment where training will occur and the availability of specialised equipment required for each topic), reads the associated chapter and completes the required knowledge review at the end of that chapter. The student will then review their knowledge review with their instructor prior to the dive, discuss any specialised information and practice the new skills required for the topic in question before participating in the training dive under the guidance of their instructor. On completion of the dive and provided the student achieves a satisfactory performance rating for the new skills learned during the dive, the associated Adventure Dive will be signed off in their logbook. Completion of 3 adventure dives will complete the Adventure Diver rating and a certification can be issued.

Progressing to an Advanced Certification:

An Advanced Certification is complete once an Adventure Diver has completed the skills necessary for a Deep Adventure Dive, a Navigation Adventure Dive and any three Adventure Dives from those topics reflected in the Adventures in Diving Manual. The Junior Advanced Diver Certification is available to Junior Open Water Divers over the age of 12 and will reflect as an Advanced Qualification for divers over the age of 15.

Achieving an Advanced Certification requires a minimum of 5 Open Water Qualifying Dives.

Booking Requirements:

To book your spot on a course, please specify:

1.    Which dates would suit you.

2.    How many spots you would like to reserve.

3.    The names of the students booking onto the course.

4.    The Course option you have chosen.

We will then send you a preliminary booking form and an invoice. Your spot on the course is secured with a non-refundable initiation fee of R1200.00 per person joining the course. In all cases, courses are reserved on a first come first served basis. When necessary, we can add additional courses as demand requires.

Student Requirements:

  • ·         All students must be healthy and willing to undergo a medical exam if necessary through their chosen physician.
  • ·         Qualified Open Water Diver
  • ·         Recent Dive Experience / Complete a Skills refresher session.
  • ·         Supply your own Soft Gear or Rent the Soft Gear for the duration of the course.
  • ·         Equipment will be available for purchase by students at Special Discounts during the course.
  • ·         All refreshments and entrance to Bass Lake (R100.00 per person / day) or Miracle Waters (R75.00 per person / day)

We offer students on course Discounts of up to 30% off your selected Scuba Gear purchase.

We supply all makes and brands of equipment at competitive prices.

All Courses and Trips exclude: Transport, Visa’s & Entrance fees, lunch, refreshments and other miscellaneous items unless specified otherwise.

Please call us if you have any queries. It would be great to help you increase you diving knowledge and have you join our diving family.


The Plan D Team