Plan D Scuba Executive Advanced Course

The Executive Course is our Premier Advanced Course option. It is aimed at the busy executive who needs to complete a course using a flexible schedule which can be personalised and caters for individual one on one tuition. We aim this course to cater for an individual, just 1 family or a small group of friends per instructor in order to allow us to maintain the scheduling flexibility. 

This course includes 3 Nights Accommodation and 5 Ocean Dives in Ponta D Ouro, Sodwana or Umkomaas, depending on the trip dates chosen. 

The price also includes the purchase of a Top of the range Soft Gear Set (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties and Semidry High Stretch Wetsuit). 

The Course also includes: PADI Ultimate Adventures in Diving Crew Pack containing the Adventures in Diving Manual, Set of Training DVD's and a Surface Marker Buoy, PADI Certification, All the Required Air-fills for the Course, All the Pool Entrance and Use Costs, rental of all Hard Gear Scuba Equipment required to complete the course, Quarry Dives and the Instructor Fees. Our Executive course is taught by one of the Senior Instructors.


A. Theory Component: 

  • When: At your convenience (establish a personalised time table with your instructor)
  • Venue: As it suits you - lectures can take place at your home, your office, the dive centre or dive site.
  • How Long does it take - Depends on your preparation and levels of discussion (6 - 9 hours).

B. Confined Water Training (Pool) Sessions:

  • When: At your convenience (establish a personalised time table with your instructor)
  • Venue: As it suits you - lectures can take place at your pool if it meets the required standards, the dive centre or dive site (provided the correct standards can be met).
  • How Long does it take - Depends on your ability levels and the number of people participating (3 – 6  hours).

C. Qualifying Dives:

  • When: 

                                Inland Optional portion: You can choose to join us inland at a local quarry  for 1 day to complete the first two of the qualifying dives. These dives are usually conducted twice a month (other arrangements                                  can be made).

                                Coastal Portion: The remainder or all of your Qualifying Dives will be completed at the coast during your weekend away. We conduct the away weekends once a month and Executive clients receive                                      preferential bookings.

  • Venue: Ponta D Ouro (Southern Mozambique) / Sodwana Bay (Northern KZN) / Durban / Clanstal (KZN) depending on the trip you choose. We Have a trip travelling to one of these venues each month and you just need to specify which trip you would like to join.
  • How Long does it take - You need to complete 5 Training Dives - So you can divide that into 2 Dives Locally followed by 3 Dives at the coast, leaving 2 extra pleasure dives under instructor supervision or you can elect to complete all 5 dives at the coast. 

What is the initial cost and what does it include?

Initiation Fee: R1200.00 –

What does the initiation fee include:

  • Registration and General Information Session
  • PADI Ultimate Adventures in Diving Crew Pack (Manual, Training DVD, Surface Marker Buoy)
  • PADI Certification Card

What is included in Course Price:


  • Set Special Option: 1 Set of Top End Soft Gear (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties and Wetsuit)
  • 3 Nights Accommodation and 5 Ocean Dives
  • Airfills required for the practical training sessions – both Confined Water [Pool Sessions] and Qualifying Dives (usually R45.00 per fill x 6 – 7 fills)
  • Rental of Hard Gear – BCD, Regulator and Cylinder for the 4 Days of the Course (usually R 150.00 per day x 4 days)
  • Pool Entrance fees – (usually R45.00 per 3 hours x 1 sessions)
  • Instructor Fees

Not Included:

  • All refreshments
  • Entance fees to the Local Quarry or national Parks for your Qualifying Dives (R75.00 @ Miracle Waters – R100.00 Bass Lake / person / day)
  • Transport

When do you have to pay?

You need to pay the Initiation Fee to sign up for the course and receive your training materials. The Final Payment is due on the first day of the course.

What happens if I can’t make a session as per the schedule?

The Theory and Confined Water Sessions are conducted as per your request so provided we receive a cancellation no less that 12 hours before the session, you can just reschedule the session. Late cancellation will incur a penalty fee.  Missing dives during the coastal portion of the trip cannot be refunded or credited unless for a medical emergency or weather conditions. In such cases, a credit will be passed for the dives missed which can be redeemed on a future trip or against purchases in the Dive Centre. Cancelled trips will have to be handled on an individual basis according to the rules of that destination.

Once I decide to start what are the next steps?

·         Step 1: To register for your Course, sign in, pay the initiation fee and collect your training materials.

·         Step 2: Attend the General Information Session (usually conducted when you collect the training materials).

·         Step 3: Collect your Schedule

·         Step 4: Answer the questions on the included PADI Medical Questionnaire – should you have any yes answers, you are required to provide a Doctor's medical Clearance that you are fit to scuba dive before any in water training sessions can occur. Please bring the doctor’s clearance to the first training session or e-mail it through to

·         Step 5: Read through the Training Manual and watch the Training DVD's. Answer the Quick Quizzes and Fill in the answers to all the Relevant Knowledge Reviews. Waiting to complete the knowledge Reviews on the day will dramatically extend the sessions.

What happens in the Theory Sessions?

·         Step 1: Arrive at the Scheduled Theory Session with the necessary work complete as per the schedule provided by your Instructor during the briefing session.

·         Step 2: Assess the Knowledge Review Answers with your Instructor and clarify any questions or problems which may exist.

What do I need to do before a Confined Water Session?

Watch the Confined Water Training Sessions on the Open Water Training DVD's so that you refresh your memory about the required skills.

What happens in a Confined Water Session?:

The Confined Water Sessions will be conducted in a heated swimming pool specially designed with Scuba Training in mind. It will have a shallow section of around 1.4m and a deep section of 3m.

On arrival, you will be given a brief orientation and refresh your memory about how to assemble your equipment and briefed on what is to happen prior to entering the water for the training session. At the end of each session, you will have time to dis-assemble the equipment and rinse it under instructor supervision. Logbooks will be filled in and then the session will be done. 

What do I need to do before a Qualifying Dive?

Revise the skills you will be completing in the relevant chapter of the Adventures in Diving Manual.

How long do the Qualifying Dives take?

There are five qualifying dives required to achieve the Advanced Certification. These dives must be completed over no less than two days, but you can take as long as you need to complete the course. Your Schedule will reflect which day you complete the Inland 2 Qualifying Dives (if that is your selection) and the Final 3 Qualifying Dives will be completed at the coast during your trip.

How do I book?

To book your spot on a course, please specify:

1.     Which Course Dates would suit you.

2.     How many spots you would like to reserve.

3.     The names of the students.

4.     The course option you have chosen.

5.     Send through proof of payment of the deposit (as described below).

We will then send you a preliminary booking form and an invoice. Your spot on the course is secured with a non-refundable Initiation Fee of R1200.00 per person joining the course and in all cases, the courses are reserved on a first paid basis.

Personalised Courses are tailored as per individual or group requests.

What are the deposit Details?

Contact Plan D Scuba Adventures to book your course and they will send through a proforma invoice with the necessary Bank Details.

What if I want to buy my own gear?

We do offer specials to our students with respect to purchasing their own Equipment during and after the course. Please contact Sean at the shop to enquire as to what specials are currently available. These specials can save you as much as 30% of the price of your equipment.

How do I contact you if I have questions?




Sean and the Plan D Team