Plan D Scuba Entry Level Scuba Courses

1. Open Water Course Options:

 Plan D Scuba Executive Course: R18145.00 per person 

ScubaHolics Coastal Open Water Course: R6950 per person

 ScubaHolics Open Water Course: - Instructors Choice - R3850 per person

 Budget Open Water Course: Minimum of 4 students required - R2995 per person

 Pay as You Go!: Price depends on duration and number of persons participating

2. Select your Training Materials and Certification agency

PADI  - OW Touch – R1250 (paper versions can be organized for a nominal extra fee)

SSI - OW Online Pack – R850 (paper versions can be organized for a nominal extra fee)

3. ScubaHolics Course Group Discounts - 

– R100 discount per person (Two People Signing up together)
– R200 discount per person (Three People Signing up together)
- R300 discount per person (4 People Signing up together )
  (discount applies to people participating in the same course)

General Description:

Plan D Scuba Adventures prides ourselves on providing high quality entry level scuba training courses where our student’s safety and enjoyment are our top priority. We are a multi Agency Training Centre and can offer training through PADI, SSI and RADI. Each of these agencies is internationally recognised and provide. a system of immediate access to the underwater world and the opportunity to self-study much of the course materials in your own time. Each agency has an online app which is your portal to access their training materials. We make the materials available as soon as you have registered for the course and paid for the training materials. We do offer limited acces to purchasing the training materials in a paper format if that is preferred. The Open Water Course consists of 3 Training Components - Theory Component, Confined Water (Pool Session) Component and Qualifying Dives (can be completed locally at a Quarry or at the Coast. Certification requires you complete a minimum of 4 Open Water Dives.

The Open Water Course is available to everyone in good health from the age of 10 up and can be completed at an inland dive site such as Bass Lake or Miracle Waters in Gauteng (approximately 45 – 70 min’s drive from Johannesburg) or in the Ocean – the preferred site for most divers.

We prefer to combine the sites when qualifying our students as this allows us to offer experience diving at both venues. The use of an inland dive site for the first two qualifying dives allows the student to get used to the depth, equalising all the way to the bottom, descending along a fixed line which is much more stable than the buoy lines used in the sea and also allows them to go diving without any other anxieties. These usually include the boat ride and surf launch, rolling off the boat into the BIG Ocean, getting lost (an extremely unlikely event as your instructor will always be right next to you) and sea sickness. We also find that a combined option allows us to offer up to a seven dive experience as part of the open water course package, as the student completes two dives locally and then a five dive package at the coast, of which the first two dives are training dives and the rest are dives done under supervision but as a qualified diver gaining valuable experience and confidence. This doesn’t mean that we refuse to just offer the standard 4 qualifying dives inland or at the coast, just that we prefer to ensure that little extra training and experience, especially as we can offer it as part of the package.

Booking Requirements:

To book your spot on a course, please specify:

  1. Which dates would suit you.

  2. How many spots you would like to reserve.

  3. The names of the students.

  4. The course option you have chosen.

We will then send you a preliminary booking form and an invoice. Your spot on the course is secured with a non-refundable deposit of R1250.00 per person joining the course and in all cases, the courses are reserved on a first paid basis. Where necessary, we shall add additional courses as demand requires. 

Students Requirements:

  • All students must be healthy and willing to undergo medical exam as necessary by their chosen physician.

  • Able to swim 200m unassisted without stopping to rest

  • Able to float unsupported in the water for 10 min’s

  • Equipment will be available for purchase during the course at discounted prices.

  • All refreshments and entrance to Bass Lake (R150.00 per person / day) or Miracle Waters (R130.00 per person / day)


AS an Open Water Student you will receive discounts of up to 30% off your chosen scuba gear purchases.

Dive Equipment is available at very competitive prices.

All Courses and Trips exclude: Transport, Visa’s & Entrance Fees, lunch, refreshments & other miscellaneous items unless specified otherwise.

Please call me if you have any queries. It would be great to help you out and have you and your friends / colleagues become part of our diving family.


The Plan D Team

Plan D Scuba Adventures

083 600 4007