Pay As You Go Scuba Training:

The Inland Open Water Courses are always a popular choice for people in a hurry to qualify or looking to qualify first and then go on a trip at some later stage. While qualifying inland is perfectly acceptable, you must always remember that you are qualified to dive in conditions like or similar to those in which you were trained. While diving overseas can often make our quarries look tough, diving of the Southern African Coastline is a different story and often requires a little more guidance. Our preference is always to include a supervised visit to the coast as part of our courses so that we can ensure that your transition from an inland to coastal environment is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Ultimately that is why we all start diving - to explore the fantastic under water world. 

This Course is at people who are either restricted in terms of time or budget but would still like to learn to dive. To that end - you can determine your own training schedule and own course cost according to the amount of time it takes you to complete the course or the number of people you share your training session with.  

The price also includes the use of school soft gear (mask, snorkel, fins, weight-belt and wetsuit) for the duration of the course. 

The Course also includes: PADI Ultimate Open Water crew Pack containing the Open Water Training Manual, PADI Student Log Book, Set of Training DVD's and a PADI Electronic Dive Planner, PADI Certification, All the Required Air-fills for the course, All the Pool Entrance and Use Costs, rental of all Scuba Equipment required to complete the course, Quarry Dives and the Instructor Fees. 


A. Theory Component: 

  • When: As you wish according to the hourly rate calculator.
  • Venue: Plan D Scuba Adventures Dive Centre (35 12th Avenue, Parktown North)
  • How Long does it take - Depends on your preparation - from as little as 2 hours upwards.

B. Confined Water Training (Pool) Sessions:

  • When: As you wish according to the hourly rate calculator (all Pool Session are conducted on a 3 hour minimum duration).
  • Venue: Aquanzi Lodge or another heated pool nominated by the Dive Centre.
  • How Long does it take - Depends on your ability levels and the number of people participating (3 - 12 hours). 

C. Qualifying Dives:

  • When: As per your Schedule - All Qualifying dives are a minimum of 2 dives per day and 2 hours per dive. Duration 8 Hours

What is the initial cost and what does it include?

Initiation Fee: R1000.00 –

What does the initiation fee include:

  • Registration and General Information Session
  • PADI Delux Open Water Crew Pack (Manual, Set of Training DVD's, Electronic Recreational Dive Planner – Multilevel Version, PADI Log Book)
  • PADI Certification Card

What is the overall cost of the Pay as You Go Scuba and what are the Recommended Hours Required?

Pay As You Go Dive Open Water Course Fee Breakdown

# Pax / Session

Initiation Fee

Student fee / Hour

Appriximate Minimum Hours Required / Course Component

Estimated Full

Price using Hourly Rate

Fixed Price – full payment in advance


Confined Water

Open Water


R 1,000.00

R 280.00







R 1,000.00

R 157.00





R 3,495.00


R 1,000.00

R 123.00




R 3,214.00

R 3,195.00


R 1,000.00

R 96.00




R 3,016.00

R 2,995.00


R 1,000.00

R 86.00




R 2806.00

R 2,795.00


R 1,000.00

R 80.00




R 2680.00

R 2,645.00


R 1,000.00

R 75.00




R 2,575.00

R 2,545.00


R 1,000.00

R 72.00




R 2,512.00

R 2,495.00

What is included in the Hourly rate:

The Hourly Rate includes:

  • Airfills required for the practical training sessions (usually R40.00 per fill x 6 – 8 fills)
  • Rental of Hard Gear – BCD, Regulator and Cylinder (usually R 150.00 per day x 4 days)
  • Rental of Soft Gear – Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Weightbelt and Wetsuit (usually R150.00 per day x 4 days)
  • Pool Entrance fees – (usually R35.00 per 3 hours x 2- 3 sessions)
  • Instructor Fees

Not Included:

  • All refreshments
  • Entance fees to the Local Quarry for your Qualifying Dives (R60.00 – R100.00 / person)
  • Transport

What is the benefit of pay as you go?

You can now control the cost of your PADI Open Water Training and decide for yourself as to how many people share the course with you, in general, the fewer people on the course, the more time and individual attention you will receive. You also have the opportunity to decide on your own schedule or schedule the course as best suits your finances and time.

When do you have to pay?

You only need to pay for the training as you receive it. You book when you wish to train and pay for that session, your next session is up to you.

How do I reduce the cost?

You can also schedule your sessions to coincide with others or have sessions booked just for you and your friends in order to reduce the cost. It is up to you. 

The system is very simple, in the table above, there is a representation as to the number of hours it should take the average person to complete the 3 Training Components of a PADI Open Water Course. The hourly rate is determined by the number of people taking that training session at the same time. You can therefore participate in a course with a large group and pay less per hour for the training. The table also indicates a Fixed Price option for the course when completing it with a certain number of people. This Price is discounted and would cover the training as shown for the average number of hours on the table. Should any sessions extend past those times, then the respective hourly rates would apply.

We also offer a fixed course schedule with an Open Water Course scheduled every month. This course is Charged Out at the Fixed price for 4 persons and that is the rate you pay should there be 4 or less people on the course, should the course be larger, you will benefit from the better hourly rate. These courses are all conducted on a full payment in advance basis. You can join them on a pay as you go basis as well, but then the relevant hourly rates will apply. Should the sessions take longer than the times reflected in the table above, then the extra time shall be charged at a maximum of the 4 person rate.

What happens if I can’t make a session as per the schedule?

You can attend the sessions as they suit you and are not tied down to a specific course or timetable. You simply pay as you attend the sessions.

Once I decide to start what are the next steps?

·         Step 1: To register for your Open Water Course, sign in, pay the initiation fee and collect your training materials.

·         Step 2: Attend the General Information Session (usually conducted when you collect the training materials).

·         Step 3: Determine your schedule

·         Step 4: Answer the questions on the included PADI Medical Questionnaire – should you have any yes answers, you are required to provide a Doctor's medical Clearance that you are fit to scuba dive before any in water training sessions can occur.

·         Step 5: Read through the Training Manual and watch the Training DVD's. Answer the Quick Quizzes and Fill in the answers to the Knowledge Reviews.

What happens in a Theory Sessions?

·         Step 1: Arrive at the Scheduled Theory Session with the necessary work complete (in cases where the work is incomplete, you will be liable for the extra training time it takes to complete the work during a Theory Session).

·         Step 2: Assess the Knowledge Review Answers with your Instructor and clarify any questions or problems which may exist.

·         Step 3: Write the related Quiz (10 Questions with a passing score of 8/10) for each section as they are completed and review the quiz answers for any problems.

·         Step 4: Complete the Theory Sessions with a Final Exam (50 Questions with a passing score of 75%). Review the Exam and answer any questions that may have arisen.

What do I need to do before a Confined Water Session?

Watch the Confined Water Training Sessions on the training DVD's so that you have an idea as to what is coming during each session.

What happens in a Confined Water Session?:

The Confined Water Sessions will be conducted in a heated swimming pool specially designed with Scuba Training in mind. It will have a shallow section of around 1.4m and a deep section of 3m.

On arrival, you will be given a brief orientation and taught how to assemble your equipment and briefed on what is to happen prior to entering the water for the first training session. The Confined Water Training Sessions are timed on an in water basis and so the session starts when you first enter the water. At the end of each session, you will have time to dis-assemble the equipment and rinse it under instructor supervision. Logbooks will be filled in and then the session will be done.

These sessions are scheduled to take a minimum of 3 hours per day.  Anything less than three hours will be charged as 3 hours.

What do I need to do before a Qualifying Dive?

Watch the Qualifying Dives on the training DVD's so that you have an idea as to what is coming during each session.

How long do the Qualifying Dives take?

There are four qualifying dives required to achieve the Open Water Certification. These dives must be completed over no less than two days (longer is fine).

Each dive is scheduled to include 30 minutes to kit up, a 30 minute briefing about the dive, 30 minute dive in Open Water completing the required exercises and 30 minutes to dekit and debrief and log the dive.

We schedule 2 qualifying dives on one day and 2 qualifying dives the next day.

How do I book?

To book your spot on a course, please specify:

  1. Which dates would suit you.
  2. How many spots you would like to reserve.
  3. The names of the students.
  4. The course option you have chosen.
  5. Send through proof of payment of the deposit.

We will then send you a preliminary booking form and an invoice. Your spot on the course is secured with a non-refundable Initiation Fee of R1000.00 per person joining the course and in all cases, the courses are reserved on a first paid basis.

Personalised Courses are tailored as per individual or group requests.

What are the deposit Details?

Contact Plan D Scuba Adventures for a pro forma invoice and the account details

What if I want to buy my own gear?

We do offer specials to our students with respect to purchasing their own Equipment during and after the course. Please contact Sean at the shop to enquire as to what specials are currently available. These specials can save you as much as 30% of the price of your equipment.

How do I contact you if I have questions?




Sean and the Plan D Team