The Rescue course is a further training and development tool. It leads on from the Advanced Open Water Diver and into the Divemaster and Master Scuba Diver courses.

The Rescue Diver is possibly the most valuable course you can complete as a diver. It includes an Emergency First Response First Aid course which teaches primary and secondary care as well as scene assessment and safety. The focus is on general First Aid as well as specialist diver care including the administration of CPR, Emergency Oxygen and Defribrillation.

The course includes both theory and practical componants in which divers are trained to respond to a number of underwater and surface emergencies including: shock, panicked divers, unconscious divers, lung expansion injuiries, deep wounds, poisons, stings, hyperthermia and hypothermia, nitrogen narcossis and decompression sickness.

Rescue courses are available on demand but do require group dynamics as there is alot of team work involved in rescue diving. This is a fantastic way to expand your knowledge base as well as build relations with your peers in the underwater environment.

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