Come on Summer!!


So winter is over and summer on its way, why not get that dive gear out the cupboard and put it back to work. Give us a call and take some time off.


A day at the Lake -  learn a few new diving skills or brush up on those rusty ones with a dive or two at Bass Lake or Miracle Waters. Claim you have to be there to complete a course in Underwater Navigation (for the guys) or perhaps learn the skills and techniques for safely entering and navigating around a wreck (for the ladies).


The cold and murky waters of the highveld putting you off! Take a look at some of the travel offers and join us at the coast. Either locally or abroad this summer. We have trips down to the Natal Coast (Aliwal Shoal) to see the Sharks and hopefully catch get a few good wreck dives in. Natal too rough? Take some time off and join us further north in Sodwana, or Ponta D Ouro. Looking to get away for Christmas? Why not join us in Tofo - Inhambane, Central Mozambique - a bit of a drive but worth it! More a flyer than a driver, join our Egypt Expedition in June or August 2008 and the luxury of diving off a live-aboard boat along with the sites and history of the Ancient World.


So take a look at the offers in the attached pages and call to book your course, trip or just catch up.


Want something else - just send the request and we will do our best.


Come get wet with us!


The Plan D Team